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Ceramic Pillow

Imagem 045 - CeramicpillowThe CERAMIC PILLOW is ingeniously designed with polyurethane padding in its inner layer, porcelain refractory plates and is covered with VULCANPLEX Soft. It has a firmer feeling when compared to other Nipponflex pillows produced with viscoelastic polyurethane.

The porcelain plates have the ability to help keep an ideal temperature on the product and the VULCANPLEX Soft has sophisticated points of acupressure and pressure relief with distance among them meticulously calculated in order to allow pressure relief, pressure reduction, better ventilation and self-massage while you rest. It has rounded edges and is designed to be used on both sides. In the points of pressure relief are applied the FIR tablets (Far Infrared – organized in waves from 4 to 14 microns) and magnetic tablets emitting electromagnetic waves of about 800 gausses (ferrites baryon ).

• Heights: 4″ and 5″
• Length: 24”
• Width: 14.5”
• 32 magnetic tablets
• 15 tablets of FIR – Far infrared
• Special Polyurethane for pillow
• 4 plates of refractory ceramics
• Pillowcase: 70% cotton, 30% polyester
• Fabric: 63% polyester, 37% cotton