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Fir Blanket

Imagem 047 - Firblanket

In order to better understand the sophisticated and ingenious FIR BLANKET, you must leave behind everything you ever learned about blankets.

The FIR BLANKET is an ultramodern answer to replace conventional blankets. The only similarity between FIR BLANKET and conventional blankets is their outer appearance and nothing else.

The FIR BLANKET has the Exclusive Artificial Far Infrared (FIR), which emits waves 4-14 microns and 30 trillions of vibrations per second, invented by world renowned Japanese scientist, Dr. Toshio Komuro.

It consists of a polyester fiber, which was developed by a highly technological and scientific process, with threads containing Far infrared (FIR), through a process of infusion and covered with a 100% cotton fabric, soft, comfortable and composed of 230 thread count.

The FIR BLANKET is available in three sizes: Single, Double and Queen