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The Progressive Density within the smartcare model is comprised of several layers of polyurethane using different densities. They are engineered for all body types, contours the shape of the body and provides a well distributed body support reducing pressure points.

These layers are superimposed on a rigid base made of resistant polystyrene which are of high technological performance.

Last but not least, on top of all layers, it is applied a layer we call Vulcanplex which contains tablets of FIR (far infrared) that emit waves from 4 to 14 microns and 30 trillion vibration per second and Magnetic tablets (barion ferrite) that emit electromagnetic waves of about 800 Gauss. Smart Care also has an internal electronic vibromassageador.

The order of application of the layers of the Smart Care model has been carefully studied, following the most rigorous standards of world-class quality in order to minimize the loss of its original form with use over time. This allows us to grant a limited 30-year warranty for certain repairs of the product. An authorized independent reseller or representative (I.R.) will provide customers with all the details of this limited warranty before purchasing the product.

Customers must register their product with Nipponflex, within sixty (60) days after delivery of the product in order for this warranty to be valid.

SMART CARE specifications:

• Height: 9.1 inches;
• Special treatments on the fabric;
• Fabric: 30% polypropylene, 27% polyester and 43% of olefin;
• Top surface: VULCANPLEX;
• Structure: polyurethane layers applied over a polystyrene-base with two layers of cellulose fiber;
• Specialized Progressive Density;
• Magnetic tablets: applied on top of the Vulcanplex;
• FIR tablets – far-infrared: applied on top of the Vulcanplex;
• Nipponflex Relax System vibromassageador: applied inside the product.


Polystyrene and Cellulose Fiber used in some models by Nipponflex to manufacture its Scientific Sleeping Systems, also known only as styrofoam and cardboard, is something of great pride for Nipponflex. This demonstrates once again that Nipponflex is a leader and pioneer in our industry. The global modernization of industry made of Polystyrene and Cellulose Fiber components of High Technological Performance for the benefit of humanity and widely used in its different forms and transformations. Both play an important role in the manufacture of Automobiles, Aircraft and Spaceships, among many others.

Its sophistications, isothermal capacity, orthopedic, safety, comfort, recyclability, lightness and ability to replace important natural resources such as wood, iron and steel makes them highly efficient and reliable materials. The current global concerns make the use of Polystyrene and Cellulose Fiber a priority in many world-renowned industries, including Nipponflex.

Box spring and Headboard are not included in the prices.

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