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The VULCANPLEX installed on the upper surface of the Nipponflex’s Sleeping Systems, and VULCANPLEX Soft that make up the surface of some Nipponflex’s pillows is a profiled Hi-tech polyurethane, treated with special products, vulcanized at a temperature of approximately 302 ° F.  VULCANPLEX has hardened acupressure points which are thousands of termination that mimic the fingertips of a massage therapist.  VULCANPLEX is also designed to help reduce the contact pressure with the body. On the VULCANPLEX is where we also apply the FIR and Magnetic tablets. Inside the sleeping system also has an internal vibromassager.


Ferrite Baryon, magnetic tablets emitting electromagnetic waves of about 800 gausses. These tablets are applied between the acupressure points of the VULCANPLEX and VULCANPLEX Soft.


The Far-Infrared (FIR) is manufactured exclusively for Nipponflex by the inventor of the artificial Far-Infrared, the world renowned Japanese scientist, Dr. Toshio Komuro.

FIR is present in Nipponflex’s Scientific Sleeping System, pillows and blankets. In the Sleeping Systems and the pillows, they appear in tablet form, applied in the sophisticated points of pressure relief of the VULCANPLEX and VULCANPLEX Soft.
In the blanket, inside of it, there is a polyester fiber, which was developed by a high technological and scientific process, with threads containing the artificial Far-Infrared. This is accomplished through a process of infusion.

Nipponflex is the only company in the world in our industry, with license to use the Far-Infrared invented by Dr. Toshio Komuro:

Nipponflex FIR Bioceramic
Nipponflex FIR Next Generation
Nipponflex FIR Japan


This vibromassager RELAX SYSTEM is installed inside Nipponflex’s Sleeping Systems. This technology offers a pleasant and relaxing massage with electronic pulse vibrations, low and high intensity and speed. This Relax System also has five operating areas (neck, shoulders, back, hips and legs) and 9 massage modes, which are activated by remote control. In this way you can control the intensity, speed and time, and select the mode and area of the body to be massaged. There is also the “automatic” option where the system itself will perform all functions. All commands are displayed on an LCD panel of the control.


The fabric we use to manufacture Nipponflex’s Scientific Sleeping Systems contains nanoxClean® and HIGIGUARD®.


The Isothermal System used in the Scientific Sleeping System Model Smart Care is a rigid base of expanded polystyrene, built of a very strong density in order to give support to the progressive density of the product. This material is also known only as Styrofoam and is something of great pride for Nipponflex. This shows once more that Nipponflex is a leader and pioneer in our industry.
The global modernization of all industries around the world made of Polystyrene a component of High Technological Performance for the benefit of humanity and is widely used in its different forms and transformations. It plays an important role in the manufacture of Automobiles, Aircraft and Spaceships among many others.

Its isothermal and orthopedic capacity, safety, comfort, recyclability, lightness and capacity to replace important natural resources such as wood, iron and steel makes this material highly efficient and reliable. The current global concerns make the use of Polystyrene a priority in many known industries around the world, including Nipponflex.


Nipponflex’s Scientific Sleeping System Model Smart Flex, contains in its interior a spring system, which gives support to the progressive density of the product. The cells in this intelligent springs system acts to help reduce impact. They are tough, of high quality and durability, they allow air in and out, work independently of one another in order to reduce the transfer of movement between two people while they rest on it.


The Progressive Density applied within the Scientific Sleeping Systems Smart Care and Smart Flex models are comprised of several layers of polyurethane using different densities. They are engineered for all body types, contours the shape of the body and provides a well distributed body support reducing pressure points.
These layers are superimposed on a rigid base made of resistant polystyrene of high technological performance on Smart Care model and on Smart Flex model is superimposed on a base of intelligent springs that acts to help reduce impact.

Last but not least, on top of all layers, it is applied a layer we call Vulcanplex which contains tablets of FIR (artificial far infrared) and Magnetic tablets (Ferrite barion). Smart Care and Smart Flex also has an internal electronic vibromassager.


The use of mattresses or pillows manufactured and sold by Nipponflex by those restricted from use, includes:

FORBIDEN FROM USING MAGNETS AND VIBROMASSAGER: (i) users of pacemakers, defibrillators, insulin pumps, or cochlear implants;

FORBIDEN FROM USING VIBROMASSAGER:(ii) women who are pregnant; (iii) infants; (iv) individuals with osteoporosis in advanced stages, thrombosis, blood clot, and chronic internal or external bleeding conditions; (v) during the recovery period of any kind of surgery; or (vi) those with any additional conditions that prohibit the use of products that emit a magnetic field or contain electronic massage components, may be hazardous to your health. If you have any of these conditions described above and wish to use our products, please, consult your physician.