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About Nipponflex

We have exclusive rights to certain technologies to produce our Scientific Sleeping System.

We are manufacturing the Sleeping System of the future, today!


Nipponflex was founded in the year 2000, but our world Chairman has been in this industry since 1987.

We are the company who ingeniously and forever changed the way to sleep by combining cutting edge technologies with high-quality in a Scientific Sleeping System. Nipponflex is making the sleeping system of the future, today.

To better understand Nipponflex’s advanced SCIENTIFIC SLEEPING SYSTEM you must leave behind all you have learned about conventional mattresses. Nipponflex is a modern response and replacement to conventional mattresses! Nipponflex’s only similarity to a conventional mattress is the outward appearance and nothing else.

The technologies embedded in our Sleeping System include: Vulcanplex, Far Infrared (FIR), Magnets, Vibromassager, Progressive Density Set and Isothermal Set or Inner Springs.

The Vulcanplex is a high-tech layer that mimic the fingertips of a massage therapist with points of acupressure. The Vulcanplex it is where the tablets of Far Infra-Red (FIR) and Magnets are located, besides the internal vibromassager – RELAX SYSTEM.



The Founder and World President of Nipponflex, Mr. Valdenir Sales is a visionary and a pioneer.

In 1988, he exported the first magnetic Sleeping System to Europe. Realizing the potential of that market, in the same year he set up a distribution center in Portugal. In 1992, through a joint venture, he set up a factory in that country. The following year, successfully he expanded the business to several countries in Europe. In 1996, he sold his stake in that company.

In October of 1999 Mr. Sales started the Nipponflex project and the activities began in March of 2000. Unifying his knowledge with his dreams, along with research, he created a technologically advanced option that forever revolutionized the way mattresses will be manufactured, in this way jumping barriers, breaking old concepts and going far beyond than a simple mattress. “We can say that Nipponflex does not manufacture mattresses, but, true and futurist Scientific Sleeping Systems” – Valdenir Sales.

Nipponflex is the world leader and pioneer in developing and producing SCIENTIFIC SLEEPING SYSTEMS with state-of-the-art technologies and high quality. Nipponflex uses proprietary technologies and powerful components combined with elegance, comfort and good taste.


imagem 065 - Valdenir

Mr. Valdenir Sales – Nipponflex Founder and World Chairman.

Every day we work, live and build our history. We believe that God gave us the gift of life so that we can grow and make a difference in the world we live in.
Day after day, together, we continue to develop Nipponflex. A dream that became a solid company, built with innovative work, friendship, trust, recognition and entrepreneurship.
All those who work directly or indirectly at Nipponflex are somehow contributing to their own growth and the growth of the company.

Every year we surprise ourselves with the work and dedication of our business partners, which increasingly multiply, with determination, will to win, dreams, goals and defined objectives, pursuing their own results.

We recognize the importance of those who work with us: resellers, suppliers, customers, employees, friends and family, and people who dream together and participate in our victories and successes.
At Nipponflex our greatest asset are the people who are in all levels of the organization and give their best every day.

It is evaluating our own performance with self-criticism and determination that we achieve the desired results.
We believe in God, in our hard work and our human capability to continue to develop and walk in the path of success.

Mr. Valdenir Sales – Nipponflex Founder and World Chairman.

imagem 066 - Daniel

Mr. Daniel Bolonhese – Nipponflex USA Chairman.

Dear Clients and Business partners,

Thank you very much for visiting our site.

Mr. Daniel Bolonhese – Nipponflex USA Chairman